My goal is to provide you with the ultimate customer service experience.  I am a licensed natural hair stylist with over 16 years experience in natural hair care. I am also currently enrolled full time at CPCC, pursuing an associates degree in International Business. Along with my educational aspirations, I am also a huge advocate for self development which I bring to light in my blog and motivational Spread Love Seminar Series. To read my blog and find out more about me, click here:

Tinesha Matthews


Shanice Cornwell

I love natural hair, especially curly sets! I give a fabulous shampoo and everyone knows that's the best part of coming to the salon. I follow up that shampoo with the most relaxing scalp massage. Want fashion colors such as shades of blue, bright reds and purple? I can provide them for you while making sure your hair stays healthy in the process. Prefer basic colors? I can provide those too. As a graduate of CPCC I hold a cosmetology degree. I am excited to be a part of the RE family where I can use my creative talents to provide clients with the latest trends in natural hair.



I balance my love for natural hair with my love for teaching yoga and my family. I have been natural almost my entire life and I am so grateful for a space to assist others in enhancing and appreciating the beauty of their natural tresses. With 10 years of experience with natural hair, I am confident that I can help every person who sits in my chair love their hair, learn how to keep it healthy and have a good time!